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After the Sex-Scandel of Mahmoud Abbas' office manager, "Abbas threatens to resign if more scandals exposed"

"Abbas threatens to resign if more scandals exposed"

Comment By Uprooted Palestinian

I am not defending Abass and his Corrupted PA, but Shabaneh is NO HERO, most likey a double agent, otherwhise why Shabaneh was silent for two years??

The video was shot sometime in 2008.

Is it a Clash Among Collaborators?

Not really. Most likely its an Israeli warning to Abbas and Fateh, a reaction to Saath's Visit to gaza.

To whom Abbas's new resignation Threat is addressed? And who would expose more of his Scandels??

It is not difficult to guess, off course Shabaneh, Who else?? He said it.

Who stands behind Fahmi Shabaneh? And who protects him?

"Shabaneh lives in Jerusalem, and so is outside the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. He could not be reached"

Abass knows that unless he totally surrender to Usrael's condition, more scandels ar on the way, and Fayad is ready to take over. Abbas knows that his services (Selling Palestinian Rights) are still needed. He, not Fayad is the right man to deliver, and then go to HELL.

A corrupted authority should defend theives, especially when the theif is Abbas's chief of staff, and that explains why "The Palestinian Authority is up in arms over the report," and the "mad campaign launched by the Israeli media,"

"The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday accused former intelligence official Fahmi Shabaneh of “collaboration” [Lol Collabration] with Israel and issued a warrant for his arrest. Shabaneh, who was in charge of the anti-corruption unit in the Palestinian General Intelligence Service, was forced to quit his job after revealing dozens of cases of financial, administrative and sexual corruption among PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s inner circle."

"In an attempt to silence Shabaneh, the PA on Wednesday issued the arrest warrant against him, for “spreading lies and fabrications” about the PA leadership, selling lands to Jews, attempted murder and “harming Palestine’s prestige and national sentiments.”

Shabbaneh report shocked the the PA's house of Cards. He Fayyad and their Zionist Master are trying to clean the house, to avoid the nightmare of Hamas taking over west Bank after Gaza.

Video: Candid camera sex scandal shocks Palestinians

Palestinians were shocked on Thursday after Israeli TV aired a graphic video showing a senior official caught on a hidden camera soliciting sex from a job applicant.

The video, parts of which aired on Israel's Channel 10 earlier this week, was shot by former Palestinian intelligence officer Fahmi Shabaneh, who has accused the Western-backed Palestinian Authority of widespread corruption.

In the video, Rafiq al-Husseini, president Mahmud Abbas's chief of staff, is shown flirting with a woman Shabaneh said was seeking a job in the Authority before entering a bedroom, taking off his clothes and crawling into bed.

"How does this work? Should I turn off the lights or will you," he chuckles from inside the room to someone off-screen in the video, now widely available on youtube.

Moments later Shabaneh and several other security men walk into the room, surprising a naked Husseini, who holds British citizenship, and confronting him with the allegations.
The video was shot sometime in 2008.

Whistle-blower Shabaneh said he was releasing it now because the Authority had refused to act on his investigation of top officials who he accused of stealing millions of dollars of public funds.
The Palestinian Authority is up in arms over the report, and attorney general Ahmad al-Mughanni on Wednesday threatened to pursue "legal action against Israel's Channel 10 for circulating lies and false claims."
In the face of public shock, he said Shabaneh had been dismissed from the security forces and was wanted on a number of criminal charges.

"(Shabaneh) is wanted in connection with a number of cases, including selling land to foreign entities, attempted murder, assault and threatening national security," he said in a statement, without providing further details.

"He left the territories some time ago and does not enter them because he knows he is wanted for a number of crimes."

Shabaneh lives in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, and so is outside the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. He could not be reached for comment.

Abbas's Fatah movement also rejected the allegations and said the report was part of an Israeli plot to pressure him into relaunching peace negotiations suspended for over a year.

Tayyeb Abdelrahim, another top aide to Abbas, slammed what he called a "mad campaign launched by the Israeli media," insisting the report was "lies" and the images were "fabrications."

The Islamist Hamas movement seized on the report as proof of its allegations of corruption within the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, which it expelled from Gaza when it seized power in the territory in June 2007.

"These sorts of bad leaders, whether their names are mentioned in the report or not, do not represent the Palestinian people, but work for their own interests and their own whims," the group said in a statement.
"This is what hinders national reconciliation and the resistance to the occupation. They should be dismissed and brought to justice."

The Palestinian Authority has long been accused of corruption, and in 2006 an official inquiry discovered that 700 million dollars had been pilfered from its coffers.

The situation is believed to have improved since Salam Fayyad, an internationally-respected former World Bank economist, was appointed prime minister in 2007 following Hamas's seizure of the Gaza Strip.
Since then Fayyad's efforts have been praised by the international community and the Palestinians have received billions of dollars in aid, mostly from the European Union and United States.

It was not clear whether Shabaneh's other findings cover the period before or after Fayyad's appointment, but he said if Abbas did not act on the allegations he would publicise more incriminating evidence in coming weeks.

The following Israel Channel 10 news video was taken from YouTube:

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[ 11/02/2010 - 09:39 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- A high-ranking official in the office of former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas revealed Thursday that Abbas sent a message to Israeli premier that he will resign if more scandals of his associates are revealed to the public.

Abbas's threats came after a report aired by Israeli TV channel 10 showing Rafeek Al-Husseini, the director of Abbas' office, in sexually harassing two women who applied for job at his office.

The channel also revealed, with genuine documents, that millions of dollars were embezzled from the PA budget by high-ranking PA officials in Ramallah city who withdrew those money sums from the PA accounts in Cairo and Amman.

The source also added that Mohammed Dahalan, the information officer in Fatah faction, held an emergency meeting with members of the faction's central committee to mull the suitable reply to the scandalous report but no information were made about the decisions taken in the meeting.

The Israeli channel has reportedly obtained the documents from PA intelligence officer Fahmi Shabana Al-Tamimi who had been collecting this information for nearly six years.

Shabana said that he has informed Abbas about the corruption of his close associates and others in Fatah, but no action was taken by Abbas regarding those serious matters, prompting him to go to the Israeli channel.

"I have prepared my grave, and I told my family that I might be killed for the serious information and the secrets of the PA official I would reveal", Tamimi was quoted as saying in an interview with the Jerusalem Post last week.

According to Tamimi's revelation, millions of dollars were stolen by PA officials from the money donated by Arab and European countries for the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yousef Rezka, the political advisor of Palestinian prime minister Ismael Haneyya, accused Abbas of betraying the Palestinian people for ignoring their demand not to go back to the negotiations with the Israelis.

"He (Abbas) is not eligible to hold the negotiation with the Israelis simply because he lacks the constitutional legitimacy and the factional cover", asserted Rezka.

Abbas's armed militia in the West Bank kidnapped 12 Palestinian citizens, many of them ex-prisoners in Abbas and Israeli jails, alleging they were supporters of Hamas Movement.

Abbas and his retinue had repeatedly denied the presence of any political detainees in his jails, but facts on the ground prove that all Hamas's cadres kidnapped and jailed by his militia were apprehended for their political affiliation.

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