Saturday, 13 February 2010

James Bond did not change.

Frustrates Arab's Dairy
Two actors playing  pre-scripted- roles

Do you remember all those James Bond Films ??
Do you also recall that the role of James Bond
was played by more than 5 or 6 different actors ??

Do you agree that all the actors represented an identical hero
who was , charming, sharp , valiant , intelligentand audacious ???? who always won from the evil guys
and he ran away with a pretty girl, at the end of the film.  ?? !!

One thing did not change .
James Bond actors were always , the same,
handsome- middle-aged- white-men.

Now imagine that the next film
shall have Will Smith acting  as the "James Bond"

And then Will Smith must be :
"charming,sharp, valiant,intelligent and audacious"
(but black !!)

Now ,
do you remember the last  5 or 6  US Presidents ??
who were all middle-aged- white-men (and not especially "handsome").

And now,today,  we have a black-middle-aged US President
and probably a bit " handsome" too
but the role shall not change .........for Barack Obama, the actor ,
simply because he must play the identical-standard- role of
a President of the United States......
just like Will Smith ,
they both shall play a pre-set-role......
whether Black or White .....and according to a script-book.

James Bond did not change !! 

nor would Mr. President do !!
" with  a license to kill"
just like all the  US Presidents
(coming soon in the theater of  your country)

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