Friday, 12 February 2010

Two Rockets ~vs~ 22 Days of Bombings


Or in other words, how Israel attempts to cover up genocide:
link UN 'expert' says Hamas only fired 2 rockets at Israel before Gaza war
The primary military analyst accompanying the Goldstone Commission into the conduct of both Israel and Hamas during last year's Gaza war claimed in a recent interview that prior to the Israeli incursion, Gaza-based (Resistance Fighters Against the Murdering Occuption Force) had only fired two rockets into southern Israel.

Speaking to the Middle East Monitor last week, Col. Desmond Travers from Ireland said, "It should be borne in mind that the number of rockets that had been fired into Israel in the month preceding their operations was something like two. The Hamas rockets had ceased being fired into Israel, and not only that, but Hamas sought a continuation of the cease-fire."
And on the subject of defending the indefensible this from Huffpo followed by the video:
one of the top marketing and "branding" professionals explains why Israel cannot (and does not) win the hasbara (propaganda) war with the Palestinians.
Dear God in Heaven, is the penny beginning to drop? Is the fat lady beginning to sing? Has Elvis left the building? 1. ISRAEL IS IRRELEVANT and 2. YOU CAN'T DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE
River to Sea
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