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Right, so we have the “Holocaust” industry which fetches Israel loads of cash, and of course there is also the “Poor Little Israel Needs Protection” industry which fetches the rogue state 3 Billion a year from stupid Americans; and of course we cannot forget about the never ending favours from all those well funded US politicians which give Israel a big payout on its payoff investment. However, I’ve uncovered another little profit making venture that has flown under the radar.

We all know about those supposed 8000 home made small rockets fired at Israel over the last millennium because it is occupying and invading another country, you know the little rockets that Israel relishes because they use them as an excuse to massacre thousands of civilians when ever they wants to give the Zionist army a chance to test out all those new fangled American weapons, like White Phosphorous and DIME missiles. These little rockets below:

So somewhere in Israel a guy was thinking “Gee how can we make money off these rockets” and lo and behold, eureka, he decides to make flowers out of the rockets, then sell them for $275.00 EACH to people, of which Israel gets $50.00.

I should imagine the Zionists will be lining up, scrambling to the devastating scene of the next "rocket" attack in order to claim ownership of said rocket to then sell on to the Artist guy for a profit. Every man for himself free for all to get their hands on the prize:


FOR THOSE ALLERGIC TO HASBARA, I HAVE INCLUDED THREE PRIOR WARNINGS BELOW, so you can shield your eyes from the lies or prepare to laugh hysterically, which ever suits

link Each rose is a unique hand-sculpted piece of art, fashioned by metal sculptor Yaron Bob from actual rockets that landed in Israel. The stem is mounted on a base in the shape of Israel. HASBARA WARNING:Living symbols of Israel’s perseverance in the face of terror. Yaron Bob, an Israeli artist HASBARA WARNING:living in the shadow of terror, has found his way of transforming objects of destruction into HASBARA WARNING: expressions of peace and hope for the future.
I always laugh when Israel has the audacity to use the word “peace.” What peace? The peace that will come when he and his Zionist murdering scum make Palestinians extinct? More comedy from the minds of Zionists:
An entire generation of children has been traumatized by the terror of ongoing rocket attacks. Yet the Goldstone Report claims that Israel is the aggressor
Whoa, a double hitter! “A whole generation of children traumatized” mi arse! Those kids are ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING FREE, compared to over 400 VERY dead and VERY murdered children in Palestine, seriously, Zionists are amazing at twisting the truth into lies as well as making a mockery of humanity, compassion and the rule of law. And then of course a swipe at the Goldstone report, again an attack on the truth.

For more about those "rockets" and what Israel does with them you can read this bit of comedy HERE

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