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PFLP deprecates Fayyadh for condemning resistance

[ 12/02/2010 - 11:18 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Mushir Al-Masri of Hamas's parliamentary bloc in the PLC on Thursday deprecated the illegitimate prime minister of the PA in the West Bank Salam Fayyadh for condemning the killing of an Israeli soldier by a Palestinian police officer.

Masri condemned Fayyadh for his stand against Palestinian resistance and condemnation of resistance attacks while keeping silent over the Israeli killing of Palestinian citizens in Gaza Strip and the West Bank on daily basis, describing Fayyadh's condemnation as "clear allegiance to the Israeli occupation".

"Fayyadh is implementing Israeli and American policies that go against Islam and against the history of the struggle and sacrifices of the Palestinian people, thus, he has no place on the holy soil of Palestine. Fayyad is also someone who usurped power and was installed in his post by US and Israeli occupation," Masri underlined in a statement he issued.

Masri called on Fatah to make its position clear regarding Fayyadh's statements, the PA security coordination with the Israeli occupation and the pursuit and liquidation of Palestinian resistance activist.

Shortly after the death of the Israeli soldier, Fayyadh condemned the incident and vowed not allow a repetition of such incident "at any cost". The IOF soldier who was killed was part of an IOF team manning the Za'atara checkpoint, south of Nablus city, where he and his comrades humiliate Palestinians, especially women on daily basis.

Masri also cited the participation of Fayyadh in the Israeli Herzelia conference few days ago in Tel Aviv( in which Israeli officials discussed the security plan to protect Israel for the next 15 years) to substantiate his charges against Fayyadh and to prove that the man was only brought to power to carryout Israeli and US agenda.

The PFLP condemn Fayyadh
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has also deprecated Fayyadh for condemning the killing of the Israeli soldier "whose hands are stained with blood of Palestinian children", describing Fayyadh's comments as "clear undermining of the Palestinian people's feelings".

According to the PFLP, Fayyadh should have condemned the IOF troops for killing thousands of innocent Palestinian citizens instead of condemning the resistance which is a right enshrined in international law for any people under occupation.

"It is not surprising for someone who participated in the Herzelia conference to issue such statements which is indeed a treacherous stab for the blood of the Palestinian martyrs," the PFLP underlined in a statement it issued over the matter.

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