Saturday, 13 February 2010

Abu Zuhri: Let resistance retaliate

Abu Zuhri: Let resistance retaliate

[ 13/02/2010 - 08:58 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Sami Abu Zurhi, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, has said that the escalating Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) aggression on the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank reflected the aggressive nature of this occupier and necessitated unshackling resistance to retaliate to such escalation.

Abu Zuhri told the PIC on Friday night that the Israeli occupation forces' (IOF) attacks on Palestinian citizens in the West Bank further reflect the IOA's lies about seeking peace.

He underlined that the escalation is a message to the Ramallah team that is still begging for negotiations with the IOA.

Hamas calls for freeing the shackled hand of resistance in the West Bank to retaliate to the IOF violence, the spokesman said, asking the Ramallah authority to reconsider its policy of restricting and bridling resistance because such a policy only encourages the IOF to go ahead in committing more attacks.

In another context, Abu Zuhri lashed out at the shooting incident at the house of journalist Mustafa Sabri, who has been held in Ramallah jails for weeks.

He said that targeting Sabri, who is an elected member of the Qalqilia municipal council, falls in line with the Ramallah authority's crimes against the West Bank people and against journalistic freedom.

The spokesman noted that the shooting incident coincided with an IOF raid into the same area, which reflected the degree of security coordination between the Ramallah authority and the IOA.

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