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February 11, 2010 at 11:38 am

When I was a child one of my favourite games was closing my eyes and making you disappear…..

That is exactly what Israelis are doing today.
For example…. just down the hill from where I live the following is taking place; yet life goes on in the area as if everything is alright…..

Israeli border guards and police continued operating in the Shu’fat Refugee Camp on Wednesday, following clashes which began on Monday, in the northern quarter of East Jerusalem.

On Tuesday evening two teenagers and three journalists were injured in clashes between Shu’fat Refugee Camp residents and Israeli forces.

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Twenty minutes to the south of my home this is happening…..

Hebron – International and Palestinian tree planters were dispersed with tear gas and sound bombs as they attempted to work land belonging to local farmers on Wednesday, the Palestinian solidarity project said.

Media spokesman for the project Mohammad Awad said the volunteers, participating in the “voluntary day to protect lands under threat of confiscation” brought 500 olive tree seedlings to lands registered to Hasan Awad, Husam Ahmad Bahar and Ibrahim Abed Al-Hamid Abu Maria.

Shortly after the group started planting, Israeli soldiers descended on the area from near the Karmi Zur settlement, 19% of which is built on Palestinian owned land, according to Peace Now, and residents say much of the rest of the land belonged to the village of Beit Ummar.

Awad said soldiers attacked the group and fired teargas as well as sound bombs at them until they retreated from the area. When the smoke cleared and the volunteers returned to the land, Awad said they were prevented from doing so.

An Israeli army spokesman said accounts from officials in the military differed from Awad’s version. He said forces ordered planters to leave the area near Karmi Zur because they were tree planting where “such an activity is not permitted.” According to the army the volunteers left the area without incident.

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The above, plus the ongoing struggles in Shiekh Jarrah (just ten minutes from my home) prove my point….. Israelis have their eyes closed to these evils. The wall of separation has succeeded in making them oblivious to the evils of zionism.

All of what is mentioned here is just in the vicinity of Jerusalem itself…… Gaza is a foreign country as far as they are concerned.

In a day and age where ignorance is no longer considered bliss…… those with their eyes closed are guilty of the crimes being committed by the zionist state.

Silence is complicity! Silence kills!!

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