Friday, 12 February 2010

One Myth less.......and one Fact more .

Frustrated Arab\s Diary
this is where Arab-christians have hidden
away from Byzantines and from the Romans
before the coming of Islam.

The Myth that the early Christians in the Lebanon
have had " to hide away high up  in the mountains
by fear of the invading-Islam- waves ",
in the seventh century,
is completely incorrect , and much misleading too.

Those early (Maronite) Christians were already hiding
up in those mountains, 150 years, before Islam
ever came to the Lebanon and Syria.

those (Maronite)Christian s were fearing the Byzantines
who have sent (christian)- royal-armies to persecute them and to
burn down their cloisters... ...and their churches.
There were basic theological differences and interpretations,
 among other dogma´s, like the identity of Jesus  or the
leadership of the different Churches.

More over ,
many christian-Arab- local-sects joined with the Islamic armies
to fight back against the Imperial-Byzantines -Tyranny.
As some arab-christians- tribes also fought along side Islam
to invade Persia and beyond .

Four centuries later ,
Arab-Christians of the near East were completely divided,
as to what to do with the invading Crusaders... ....
and they fought on both sides of those wars.

Fourteen centuries after Islam ,
Arab-Christians are still "alive and kicking" ,
which is a compliment to Islam .

if you still see Christians in the mountains of the Lebanon,today,
they are only hiding away from the summer-heat of Beirut....

And if you still see Christians in Iraq ,
they are probably waiting for the return
of the next Saddam Hussein
while the Copts of Egypt are hoping
for another Gamal Abdel-Nasser.

Raja Chemayel
a Christian-Arab from 1.100 meters high in the mountains of the Lebanon
into minus 3 meters below-sea-level. ....... in Amsterdam.

All Christian of the Middle East shared the same fate
and the same fears. But none of them were forced
nor even asked to join Islam.
Romans and Byzantines  have killed more christian-arabs
when the Islam has practically  killed none !!
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